PICC Bodysuit

$ 39.00


Designed for Broviac® or Hickman® catheters, the arm opening offers an entry path that is efficient for caregivers and comfortable for the kiddos. Each bodysuit also allows for G-tube access and other multi-use openings and is made from soft, washable fabric. 

» Made in the USA
» Made from 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
» Machine Wash/Dry

If you are a hospital or institution interested in using or customizing our garments, email us at hospitals@lbpconcepts.com. 



When you have children with special needs, things like buying clothes for them can be a difficult, expensive, and emotional experience. When Gunner was younger and still in the hospital, I went to 8 different stores just to find clothing improved openings for central lines and G-tubes  What LBP is doing is amazing and means so much to us! —Carol, Mother to Gunner 

The onesie we received is such great quality! It’s good to know there is an initiative out there for children who live with lines. You are doing great work! — Kristina, Mother to Xan